By Laws


We currently play under SSBL & S.T.A.L.


By Laws

Updated 10-25-2015 


I. Registration

  1. To be eligible to register to play in this Association, an applicant must meet all eligibility requirements of their Affiliated Leagues.
  2. No player shall be allowed to participate in evaluations, practice or league play until after he or she has the completed the  registration process and paid the registration fee.
  3. All  registrations must be approved by the Secretary of the Association.
  4. Any player who does not register by the Last day of evaluations in his/her league  will be placed in a pool.  He or she will be assigned by the Secretary, as needed, to a team in the order of his/her registration.
  5. Registration fees are due at the time of registration.  Fees are to be established by the Executive Board.

II. Free Agents

  1. Once a parent or guardian and the manager sign and date a free agent slip, and if the parent or guardian later refuses to honor the free agent slip, the player shall not be eligible to sign another free agent slip with another team.  The player must then attend evaluations and be placed in the draft.


III. Evaluations

  1. A player must participate in 50 percent of scheduled evaluations, unless unanimously agreed upon by the managers holding evaluations for that age classification to be eligible to be selected for a team.
  2. Any player not attending the required number of evaluations will not be able to be picked in the draft. They will be placed on a team by their name being pulled out of a hat in draft order after all eligible players have been drafted.
  3. Evaluations will be held as scheduled by the Executive Board .
  4. Players who want to move up one age group will be able to if approved, after they are  evaluated by the League Presidents.
  5. The League can hold evaluations to evaluate each player to see if they are ready to move up to the next level or if they need to stay down in a level they can play in their age group and the league we are playing in.


IV. Age and League Classifications

  1. Coed T-Ball league:  provided boys and girls are five years old on or before April 30st.
  2. All other Age divisions will be determined by the Executive Board in accordance to    the affiliated league associations.


V. Player Draft

A. The player draft shall be held by managers in and for their league.

    1. Boys Coach Pitch, T-Ball League and Girls Coach Pitch teams shall be drawn out of a central pool.
    2. At the discretion of the T-Ball League Commissioner with the assistance of the Secretary, players shall be assigned to teams as an alternative to the pool procedure.
  1. Expansion teams will receive six free agent picks to be used in a two to one draft ratio through the first three rounds of the draft.
  2. A new team or teams shall have the first choice in the draft.  The team with the lowest number of returning players shall have the
  3. Second choice in the draft, next lowest the third choice, next lowest the fourth choice, etc.
  4. The preceding paragraph shall apply only in the first, third and fifth and all odd rounds of the draft.  In the second, fourth, sixth
  5. and all even rounds, the team or teams with the greatest number of players shall be excluded from that round until all teams are equal in number of players.
  6. If a team is disbanded from any league, the returning players will be required to be drafted, but do not have to attend evaluations.
  7. Each manager in turn shall select players to fill his/her roster.
  8. A player once picked and refusing to play with the selected team shall be allowed to play with another team only with approval of the Governing Board.  If the Governing Board refuses to release the player and the player still refuses to play, the manager shall be permitted to replace that player and that player shall be ineligible for that season.
  9. When the manager is a Father/Mother, Grandparent, Brother/Sister or legal guardian of a player, that player shall be placed on his or her team if the manager so desires and that player is in the proper classification.
  10. Players on a team for one year are a member of that team the following year, provided they are in the same league classifications, otherwise, they become free agents.
    1. A returning player may be released provided it is approved by the Executive Board. The player must apply for release before evaluations commence.  A released player is not eligible to become a free agent.
    2. Said player will be notified that they are released so that they may participate in evaluations so as to have a chance to be chosen on another team.
    3. Prior to the start of the draft, all returning players shall automatically become part of the permanent roster of that team.
  11. Any player playing two years in the same age division can move up early if signed as a free agent.
  12. The League Commissioner shall supervise the draft selections in accordance with the rules of their affiliated leagues.


VI. Player Pool

The player pool is defined as the registration forms for those boys and girls eligible but not      placed on a team in their age classification.


VII. Roster

     The Secretary will provide each manager with a Team Roster.


VIII. Team Manager Responsibilities

  1. Any new manager  will be monitored for one year by the Executive Board.
  2. A manager and his/her team will be required to participate in EBA Bingo duties as assigned by the board  and provide the requested number of  people to work.
  3. Each manager will be required to attend or have a representative from the team attend any clinic made available by the Association.
  4. A manager must be 18 years of age or older and approved by the Executive Board.
  5. Coaches may be younger than 18, however, games, practices and team functions must have an adult in supervisory control at all times.  It is the responsibility of the team manager to see that this supervision is provided.
  6. The Governing Board shall act as a screening committee in acceptance of managers and coaches.
    1. Managers and coaches shall be required to fill out and submit to the Secretary a manager and coaches application form.
    2. No manager or coach shall assume team duties unless and until said form has been accepted and approved by the Executive Board.
  7. Managers and coaches’ meetings by and for each league classification may be held at least once a month during the regular playing season.
    1. These meetings will be in addition to regular Association meetings
    2. Unresolved problems shall be referred to the Executive Board.
  8. Specific manager responsibilities
    1. He or she shall see that his/her team is represented at all Association meetings and functions.  Continued violation may result in suspension of said manager.
    2. All damaged equipment must be turned in before replacements will be issued.  (Example: one damaged bat for one new bat.)
    3. If any manager does not turn in or account for his/her team’s full equipment by the date given by the equipment manager, he or she shall be removed as a manager and may face possible prosecution.
    4. Team manager and commissioner shall be responsible for the conduct of his/her players in practice or games.
  9. Before the season begins each manager will have a team meeting to go over and collect signatures for the code of conduct approved by the Executive Board.
    1. The Home Team Manager will be responsible for setting up the Field.   If Due to inclement weather before the game- BOTH Ellet Managers are responsible for helping with the field set up.


IX. Association Practice and Playing Rules

  1. Field Conduct
    1. Team managers shall stress that the players play a good, clean game.
  1. Good sportsmanship shall be displayed by all managers, coaches, players and  spectators (Example shaking of hands after a game).
  2. All disputes shall be conducted  with only the managers or acting managers and umpires involved.
    1. A decision may be questioned without loud rebuttals.
    2. No player shall be ridiculed by managers, coaches or spectators.
    3. There shall be no profane language used by players, coaches, managers, umpires or spectators.
    4. There shall be no alcoholic beverages consumed on or near the field.
    5. Smoking will not be permitted by managers, coaches, umpires and spectators within 30 yards of the field.
    6. Managers and Coaches must remain on the field or dugout area during the game.
    7. Violation of the Field of Conduct Rules may result in board sanctions.
    8. A player, manager or coach ejected from the game by an umpire shall be suspended for the next league game played or in accordance with affilated leagues.  A second ejection in the same season will cause the manager or coach to appear before the Executive Committee where additional penalties may be involved.
    9.  Anyone having a complaint or grievance against a manager or coach must submit it in writing to the Executive Committee which will investigate and take action if warranted.

B. Scheduling

  1. Regular league play shall be scheduled by a member of  Executive Committee.
  2. In no cases will games be postponed by either manager.  Only League Commissioners shall have the power in case of inclement weather or unsafe field conditions to postpone games and notify the Umpire in Chief and managers by 5:00 p.m. of postponement/cancellation.
  3. Any team desiring to go into a non-league tournament must notify the Executive Board..

C. Uniforms and Equipment

1. Players Uniform can be either League issued or team purchased.

2. The player’s first or last name may be added to the back of the shirt or hat.

3. (Girls league only) If shorts are worn instead of E.B.A. issued pants, the shorts must be approximately knee length.

4. All Uniforms must comply with the Affiliated League Rules.

D. Game Rules

Refer to Affiliated League Rules.


X. Protests

  1. A protest must be filed in writing with the Field Commissioner or any League Commissioner  within 48 hours of the alleged infraction and
  2. must be resolved within one week of the protest.
  3. A $50.00 fee shall be submitted with each game protest by the team manager initiating the protest.
  4. If the protest is upheld, the fee shall be refunded to the manager. Non refunded fees go into the general fund.
  5. Protests shall be reviewed as follows:
    1. The Executive Board (minimum of 3) will handle all protests at their discretion.
    2. Reviewing managers may call whatever witness deemed necessary to render a decision.
    3. Both managers involved in the protest must be interviewed before a decision can be rendered.


XI. Amendments

  1.  A constitution and rules committee of five individuals, composed so as to be representative of all leagues, shall be appointed by the President.
  2. Proposed amendments (new proposals or changes in existing sections or repeal of existing sections) to the constitution and bylaws set forth herein shall be submitted in writing to the rules committee.
    1. The rules committee shall screen proposed amendments and submit to the Governing Board for vote those amendments they deem worthy.
    2. A proposed amendment which is not approved by the rules committee may be submitted to the Executive Board and League Commissioner’s meeting so as to consider such amendment and upon approval of two thirds of this group and may be read at the first succeeding meeting and voted upon at the second succeeding meeting.
    3. Amendments submitted to the open body for vote shall be adopted upon a vote in favor of adoption by a majority of votes cast.
    4. Proposed amendments may be submitted to the rules committee at any time before the September Association meeting.  However, any amendment adopted after the October meeting of the current year shall become effective immediately


XII. Voting

Voting Shall follow the same guidelines in Section 3 of the Constitution.


Girls League Commissioners

Girls Coach Pitch Tracy George 330-608-5475
A (10u) Jennifer Lipply 330-212-9434
B (12u) Tracy George 330-608-5475
C (14u) Mike Engelhart 330-622-2377
D (18u)


Boys League Commissioners

T-Ball (Coed) Lori Haren 330-690-5432
COACH PITCH (7-8) Mike Engelhart 330-622-2377
MINORS  (9-11) Courtney Bergdorf 330-814-4281 
MAJORS (11-12) Nicole Russell 330-573-7359
E/EE League(High School)

Ellet Baseball






We currently play under SSBL & S.T.A.L.