I. Objectives

  1. The Objective of Ellet Baseball and Softball Association ( E.B.A) is to provide support, guidance and supervision to the youth of Ellet who are involved in playing organized  Baseball and Softball. 
  2. The objective shall be achieved by providing supervised competitive games.                   
  3. The supervisors shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary and the molding of future adults is of prime importance.
  4. Any flagrant violation of rules contained herein could result in permanent suspension of any player, coach and/or manager.


II. Governing Board

A.        The Association shall be governed by the following officers:

         1.   Executive Committee

                    a. President

                    b. First Vice President

                    c. Second Vice President

                    d. Secretary

                    e. Treasurer

                    f.  Equipment Manager

                    g.   Trustees (2)

         2. Field Commissioner

                    a. League Commissioners

         3. Immediate Past President

         4. E.A.A.A. Representatives

   *Executive Board consists of all of the above named positions


III. Election of Officers

  1. The election of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Equipment Manager and the Trustees will be filled by a general election in July. In order to be eligible to vote one must be an active member.  An Active Member is a Board Member, Manager, Coach, Spectator who has attended at least 50 percent of the meetings during the scheduled season.   The scheduled season begins and ends with the meeting to elect new officers.
  2. Field Commissioner & League Commissioners shall be appointed by the President.
  3. To run for the office of President of the Association, an active member of the Association must have served two (2) full years on the Executive Board.
  4. To run for the office of Trustee, he or she must have been an active member of the Association for at least three (3) years, and have sat on the Board for two (2) years, totaling a minimum of five (5) years of experience.
  5. To run for an office one must notify the Trustee or person in charge of elections before his or her name is put on the ballot.
  6. A vacancy of an elected office occurring during a term of office for any reason will be filled by a special election by eligible voters. Eligible voters in this case shall be those who have attended 50 percent of the previous five (5) monthly meeting including the election meeting.
  7. A currently married husband and wife may serve as officers on the Ellet Baseball Association Board together, with only one having voting privileges, with the exception of electing new officers.  This applies to both elected and appointed officers.
  8. An Elected Board Member will be guaranteed a team to Manage if they want to be a Manager.
  9. The term of office shall be:
  1. One Year for all Elected Officers
  2. Two Years for all Trustees.


IV.   Duties of Officers

  1. President
    1. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Association in general, and also all meetings of the Executive Board.
    2. He or she shall appoint committees for the conducting of Association business and is responsible for the representation of the Association in all meetings of government or business where the Association should be represented.
    3. He or she shall appoint all standing committees by the next meeting following general elections. He or she shall also appoint hearing committees on protests.
    4. He or she shall be responsible for the execution of the Association’s business and operation within the framework of the rules and regulations set forth herein.

     B. First Vice President

  1. The First Vice President shall be in charge of the boys’ league, T-ball League and all fund raising programs.
  2. He or she shall preside in the absence or disability of the President.
  3. He or she may request a committee to assist in these duties.
  4. He or she is in charge of coordinating and assigning callers for bingo

C.  The Second Vice President shall handle the entire girls’ league.

  1. He or she is in charge of the entire girls’ league.
  2. He or she is in charge of coordinating and scheduling bingo workers.

D.  Secretary

  1. The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings and shall be responsible for notifying all Board members of the meetings of the Association.
  2. He or she or she shall be responsible for all Association communication.
  3. He or she will organize the annual registration of players insuring their placement in the correct league classifications.
    1. He or she will produce team rosters of returning players, free agents and evaluations for players eligible for the player Drafts.         
    2. After the player drafts, he or she will produce rosters for each team  manager, Each affiliated Leagues for both Boys and Girls and for the Insurance Agent
  4. He or she will be responsible for assuring background checks on each Manager, Coach and Board Officer.  Any Convictions shall be forwarded to the Board Officers for further Action.                                                                                                                                       
  5. The Secretary will be responsible for handling and filing any insurance claims against the sports accident policy held by the Association.
  6. The Secretary will be responsible for coordinating the season ending league banquets and purchase of trophies as necessary.

E. Treasurer

    1. The Treasurer is responsible for all Association monies.
    2. He or she must keep adequate records showing receipts of funds an disbursements and provide an accounting of such funds upon the demand of the general meeting.
    3. He or she is responsible for paying all bills legitimately received by the  Association.
    4. At each monthly meeting, the Treasurer shall provide a detailed transaction  report and  the bank statement to both Trustees and the Secretary.
    5. By the first Board meeting in January, the Treasurer shall provide the year end              (January 1 through December 31) income statement, balance sheet, detail transaction report and the reconciled bank statement (December) to both Trustees and the Secretary.  These reports will also be delivered to the Treasurer of Ellet Amateur Athletic Association so the IRS-990 form can be prepared and filed with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Ohio.
    6. Treasurer must be bonded prior to taking office.  Ellet Baseball and Softball                             Association will pay for any fees associated with bonding.
    7. All Ellet Baseball Association accounts shall require the authorized signatures of the current Treasurer or President.
    8. Any amount over $100 will need to approved by the Board before being spent.  This will apply to anything not specific in the yearly approved budget.
  1. Trustees
    1. He or She shall oversee and advise in the operation of entire organization.
    2. The Trustee who is in his/her first year of the (2) year term is responsible for handling the new officer elections.
  2. Immediate Past President
    1. The immediate past President shall hold a position on the Board, (if he or she so desires.) He or she has a voting right.
  3. League Commissioners
    1. League Commissioners shall be responsible for their assigned age group division for the year.
    2. They shall supervise the player evaulations and drafts in their respective leagues.
    3.  They shall reschedule inclement weather-postponed and suspended games.
    4. They shall be responsible for keeping league game results up-to-date during the season.
    5.   They shall observe, at random, regularly scheduled games within their league and  related Association functions, and shall be empowered to act, as necessary, to insure that these games are played in such a manner as to conform to the  objectives of this Association as stated herein.
    6. They shall be responsible for keeping game results up-to-date during the season.
    7. They shall review disciplinary action reports by managers in their leagues and shall,  in turn,  report their findings, recommendations and/or ordered action to the manager of the player(s) involved and to the appropriate Association’s Vice President then to the President.
    8. Commissioners of all leagues will call their managers to remind them of each open body meeting during the season.
    9. Commissioners shall have an active role in Bingo as assigned by the Vice Presidents.
  1. Field Commissioner
    1. The Field Commissioner shall be chairman of the Constitution and Rules Committee.             
    2. He or she shall be chairman of the Protest Committee.
    3. He or she shall assign practice fields before and during the playing season.
    4. He or she will assist any league commissioner on an ‘as needed’ basis.
  1. Equipment Manager
    1. The Equipment Manager shall have the responsibility of insuring that participants in the Association are properly uniformed and equipped within the limits of the Association’s financial ability to meet such needs.
    2. As soon as possible following the close of the season, he or she shall:
      1. Review equipment and uniform records, inventory equipment and uniforms on hand  and determine the needs, in general, for the coming season.
      2. On a designated night, he or she will be in the equipment room for managers to return or replace equipment.
      3. He or she shall suggest recommended needs and vendors and then present them to the Executive Board for approval:
      4. Once the proposed purchase list has been approved, he or she shall proceed in the most advantageous manner to purchase necessary uniforms and equipment.
      5. Only the Equipment Manager is authorized to make purchases of player equipment and uniforms and sign receipts of such in the name of the Association.       
      6.     As purchases are received, he or she shall issue to team managers the equipment  they shall be in need of.
      7. He or she shall receive any and all damaged equipment from the managers before  any replacement item may be issued.
      8. He or she along with the treasurer shall keep records of purchases, equipment and  uniforms issued to teams and on hand, as well as the general needs of the  Association for the season.                                      
      9.    He or she may request a committee and/or assistants to assist in these duties.


  1. Umpires in Chief
    1. The Umpires in Chief  shall schedule meetings to train umpires about rules, conduct, dress, etc.
    2. He or she shall schedule umpires for games
    3. He or she shall attend protest meetings.
    4. He or she shall meet regulary with umpires to go over problems.


V.         Association Meetings

            A. General Open Body Meeting will be held monthly as determined by the Executive  Board.

            B.  Governing Board meetings will meet prior to each general open body meeting. 


Girls League Commissioners

Girls Coach Pitch Tracy George 330-608-5475
A (10u) Jennifer Lipply 330-212-9434
B (12u) Tracy George 330-608-5475
C (14u) Mike Engelhart 330-622-2377
D (18u)


Boys League Commissioners

T-Ball (Coed) Lori Haren 330-690-5432
COACH PITCH (7-8) Mike Engelhart 330-622-2377
MINORS  (9-11) Courtney Bergdorf 330-814-4281 
MAJORS (11-12) Nicole Russell 330-573-7359
E/EE League(High School)

Ellet Baseball






We currently play under SSBL & S.T.A.L.